What Does Shirt Printing Involve?

Screen printing is the most common method for t-shirt printing in Singapore, because it is easier and cheaper to use than embroidery. The first step in screen printing is having the print or design you would like to make on your shirt printed onto a clear piece of plastic film called a stencil. This film can be any shape, with a variety of patterns printed on it. It is then placed over the top of the shirt and exposed to ink that is pulled through a mesh screen. The ink transfers or “prints” onto the shirt as long as it is clean.

What are the Advantages of Shirt Printing in Singapore?

There are various advantages that come with shirt printing in Singapore. One advantage is that you can choose from different designs and colors to get the perfect design for your brand. Another advantage is that you can get your design printed on a variety of different materials, such as cotton, polyester, or silk. Lastly, there are many shirt printing companies in Singapore with competitive rates.

Top Reasons to Order Shirts From a Local Printing Company in Singapore

This section is to explain the reasons of ordering shirts from a local printing company in Singapore.

1) Cost-effective: Local printing companies are more cost effective since they print in small quantities and do not incur the costs of overseas shipping

2) Quality:The quality of shirts is higher when it is printed by a local printing company. The colors stay consistent throughout the shirt, even after many washes

3) Consistency:Local printing companies are able to print uniform products that are consistent with their designs.

4) Selection:Local printing companies provide a wide range of printable products and designs

5) Durability: The durability of these products are higher as they are able to withstand high-quality printing

6) Convenience:Printing shirts in Singapore is more convenient for the customer.

7) Environmentally friendly: Local printing companies are usually eco-friendly, with zero waste, and they use sustainable materials used for printing process

8) Offer free designing services: Local companies usually offer free designing services for customizing your own design and logo on the shirt or just let them do it for you!

Factors to Consider Before For Choosing a Reputable Local Shirt Printing Company

The following are some of the factors to consider when selecting a shirt printing company in Singapore:

1) Customer service: You should look for a company that offers customer service in the same language as you.

2) Timeliness of job completion: If the printing company can complete your order on time, it will improve your impression of them and increase your likelihood of ordering from that company again in the future.

3) Quality control: This is a key factor to consider when choosing a shirt printing company. If the shirt printing company that you choose has quality control systems in place, then they are more likely to offer consistent quality prints.

4) Shipping rates: You should compare shipping rates for both ground and air shipments before deciding on which service is best for you.

5) Payment terms: Make sure the payment terms offered by the company you choose are convenient for you.

6) Return policies: You should compare return policies and the refund rates of the shirt printing companies that you are considering before deciding on which one is best for you

7) Design services: If a shirt printing company offers design services, such as custom t-shirts, then it will be easier for them to customize your order to meet your demands.


Shirt printing in Singapore has become more popular as a promotional tool in recent years. There are many printing companies in Singapore that offer shirt printing services, but not all of them deliver the same quality of service. As such, it’s wise to choose a reputable local printing company in Singapore.