The Caribbean brings about images of warm sand, cool water, and expansive beaches. It is home to many beautiful, exotic locations and renowned resorts. The people are friendly and the food is excellent. Unfortunately, there aren’t many Muslim friendly amenities in the Caribbean. So what can you then if you are a Muslim who wishes to visit the Caribbean?

When you are a practicing Muslim, it is important to find locales that respect your religion but still allow you to have a good time. Currently, there are not any specifically halal resorts in the Caribbean. However, you can still keep the following tips in mind and have a good time.

Avoid the Party-Goers
The Caribbean is known as a hotspot for partying, especially during the spring break season. However, many people focused on partying are not worried about lavish hotels. To find a hopefully more mature crowd, invest in rooms at a four- or five-star resort. The higher prices that come with the better quality are not attractive to most of the partying crowd, who would rather save their money for having fun on vacation. In addition, these types of resorts will usually come with better facilities like free Wi-Fi services, LCD television sets and lavish rooms and bathrooms. In this way, you can not only enjoy the more elegant facilities, you get to avoid any party-goers or commit any sins that is not permissible in Islam as well.

Look for Halal Restaurants
Many resorts have more than one restaurant. If you call ahead, you may find there are items on the menu that are halal-friendly. Some restaurants may also make food to order, especially if you are staying at a nice resort. They value the experience of visitors, so they will put in the extra work, especially to accommodate someone’s religion.

Consider a Private Jacuzzi
Traditionally in Islam, women are not supposed to be exposed to men when swimming. This is not always an option at a resort without halal accommodations. Family rooms may also be used for private swimming, however. As such, wherever possible, look for family rooms. If this is not an option, consider getting a room with a private hot tub. In this way, you will get to enjoy the privacy with your family members, and not worry about being exposed to people of the opposite gender.

Having a good time in the Caribbean can be a challenge when you practice the Islamic faith. Without any halal-specific accommodations, research is needed. Consider the factors above and plan ahead. With these strategies, you should fully enjoy your Islamic holidays, even if it is to a predominantly non-Muslim place like the Caribbean resorts.

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