What is Gratitude?

Have you ever felt blessed and thankful for something you got, or something someone has given to you? This is actually a sense of gratitude, not just some feel good emotion inside of you. But what is gratitude? Is it something you can feel, touch, hear, smell or taste? Or is it some mambo jumbo pseudo science?

In simplest terms, gratitude is actually a feeling of being thankful and appreciative. It is also a type of self-acceptance which enables you to display your gratefulness for your current euphoric situation. In fact, there are virtually so many things you can be grateful for. This can include material wealth, achievements, close knitted family, true friends, feelings, and so much more.

What is the significance of gratitude in your life? Well, gratitude actually ingrains a sense of positivity in you and the surrounding people you choose to display it to. It has the ability to change your perception of limiting emotions, thinking and beliefs that may have been ingrained in you about yourself and the people around you. Gratitude increases your level of awareness and focus, and it can drive you to seek greater heights and success not just for yourself, but the people in your lives as well.

Showing Abundant Gratitude to Yourself.

Now that you are clearer about the feeling of gratitude, let’s talk about how you can start showing gratitude to yourself. To start doing this, observe and perform the following. Ponder closely over and clearly identify all your achievements – be it ‘big’ or ‘small’ (according to your definitions of ‘big’ and ‘small’) – that you have experienced so far in your life.

Ask yourself these questions: When was the last time you actually rewarded yourself for those achievements? Why did you want to reward yourself for those achievements? How did you reward yourself for those achievements? What did you reward yourself with for those achievements?

If you have constantly been doing so, then good for you and keep it up. If not, then it’s about time you start indulging or pampering yourself with some simple or extravagant (whichever is appropriate) rewards for all your past achievements and the future ones. This can be something as simple as funny shirts for men or women. Alternatively, if you have excess cash, treat yourself to a lavish meal at the best halal restaurants in london,  or get a new expensive item that you have been longing to have for so long.

Next be appreciative of the things you have – your job, work place, house, wealth, food and surroundings. I know it can be rather impossible to directly show gratitude to these things but don’t fret. You can actually list down these things and write down thank you notes for each of them to express your gratitude. Keep referring to this list when you’re feeling sad or depressed and you can instantly feel a surge of happiness or positive emotions. In fact, you can actually say “thank you” to this list of things to express your most sincere and profound gratitude.