You’ve defined your goals for example, like starting up a restaurant that serves halal tokyo food. If you’re wise, you’d also have broken them down into further sub-goals which are more palatable for you to digest one step at a time. Now, what are you going to do with it? Leave the Goal Setting somewhere to collect dust? After the filmmaker has finished his script and storyboard, what does he do? “Shoot the film, of course!” Wrong answer! The wise filmmaker rehearses first! This is exactly what you’ll do mentally, emotionally and spiritually rehearse your goals.

But you don’t just start rehearsing without any plan right? You’d need a proper schedule. Here’s one ideal schedule you should stick to, based on a 25-day time span:

Days 1 to 10: Get to know your perfect, ideal self and learn how to ‘anchor’ him, and call him up any- time, at will. You’ve already known how to do this in the previous chapter.

Days 11 to 20: Call up your perfect self, and ‘acting’ as him, rehearse all 4 milestone goal scripts, as if you’re living those future moments of achieving your goals in the here and now.

Days 21 to 25: Every day, without fail, diligently write your 25% of your goal statement five times, before bedtime. In the morning, after you’ve woken up, write five things you’ll have to do for that day to bring you closer to your goal, five to ten times each. If there’s a task which you find difficult or simply feel lazy to do, write it as much as possible, until you get so tired of writing it that you’ll say to your- self, “Okay! Okay! I’ll go do it, already!”

In fact, The activities you have to do on days eleven to twenty five will force your deeper subconscious mind to intensely focus upon the accomplishment of your programmed goal, shutting out all other distractions, thoughts and actions that may hinder you from your target, while prompting you, almost to the point of compelling you to only think and do things that will push you forward towards your desired objectives.