Tea is an integral part of Singaporean culture. The nation’s people drink it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It even has a place in the country’s national day celebrations. Tea is so important to Singapore that our government gives the industry $3 million in subsidies each year just to keep it going. The beverage also plays a big role in how we spend our time and money. A third of all tea consumption in Singapore comes from the hospitality industry, which is where most of our tourism dollars go as well.

Origins and Types of Pu Er Tea
One of the prominent tea in Singapore is pu er tea. Pu er tea is a type of fermented tea that is more than 500 years old, and it originated from Yunnan, China. It is also known as “cooked” or “dark” tea. It is unique because it undergoes a fermentation process that makes it taste earthy and deep. Pu er tea comes in many forms, including loose leaves, sheng pu-erh (raw), and shou pu-erh (cooked). The different types of pu-erh are classified based on the “fermentation period and degree of processing.” Though there are many different ways to brew this type of tea, it can be boiled or steeped like any other type of black tea.

Benefits of Pu Er Tea
Pu er tea has been in the market for thousands of years and over time it has become known as an authentic drink that can provide long-term health benefits. Some experts feel that drinking pu er tea daily has positive effects on the body as it cleanses the body and prevents diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. However, storing it properly ensures that the taste is preserved and also helps in preserving the health benefits.

How to Brew Pu Er Tea
Many people in Singapore are now brewing their pu er tea using the traditional method. It’s a good idea to brew these teas slowly. Keep an eye on the water level in the pot so that it doesn’t overflow when you have a strong infusion going. Some people like to let their teapot cool for an hour after brewing, too, before they drink their first cup. Below is a brief guide on how to prepare your pu er tea properly.

Pu er Tea Preparation:
Bring water to boiling point in a pot or teapot. For 8 servings, boil 1 liter of water. Steep the leaves for about 3 minutes before removing from heat. Add the leaves back into the pot and steep for 20 seconds before removing them from heat again and pouring into serving cups or teacups. Let your pot or teapot stand off the heat while serving the tea.

Where Can you Find Pu Er Tea
A few popular places to buy Pu er tea in Singapore include NTUC Supermarket, Sheng Shiong Supermarket, traditional Chinese store and even online stores such as Amazon. The cost of the tea varies, depending on the type and amount of tea that you wish to purchase.

Pu er tea is a type of black tea that has been processed by fermentation and oxidation. Pu er tea has been around for more than 2500 years in China, where it is thought to have originated, but has now found its way to many countries, including Singapore. For more information about pu er tea, read our article https://pfannerstill.biz/guide-lapsang-souchong-pu-er-tea/.