Singapore is know for many things such as places for the best halal food in singapore and even trichology. Trichology Singapore is the paramedical science of hair loss, hair, and other related scalp problems. This includes the study of diseases of human scalp and hair together with the assessment of treatment and causes of such disorders. Trichology comes from “trikhos,” a Greek word that means hair and was originally conceived on Britain as a specialty branch of study during the late 19th century. It was in 1902 when it became a particular paramedical discipline. Trihology today is considered as the bridge between dermatology and cosmetology.

Ask any expert in trichology and they will surely tell you how almost everyone in this world has committed one or two hair sins in this lifetime. However, more than the wrong choice of hair products, what are even more concerning are the habits that affect the health of people’s scalp and hair. From split ends to alopecia, many people go for discreet salon treatments for different head and hair problems. But, even people who were blessed with a healthy head of hair still need to properly maintain and care for their tresses.

To ensure that you wouldn’t worry about seeing a trichologist for hair treatment in Singapore any time soon, here are a few important hair-care tips and tricks you need to keep in mind:

Diet has a very big role when it comes to the growth and life of every hair strand.
If you often suffer from frizz, it might be about time for you to check what you got inside the fridge instead of smothering your hair with all sorts of anti-frizz products. Make sure that you include lots of plant- and meat-based proteins such as nuts, tofu, and beans to your diet as this is very essential.

Never tie your hair if it is still wet.
Your hair is the weakest when it is wet and it can lead to breakages or create a damp environment in your scalp. The only exceptions for this are if you are at the poolside or during vacations.

Breakfast is your hair’s most important meal every day.
The energy for forming hair cells is at its lowest in the morning and this is why it is a must to indulge in a healthy and balanced breakfast daily.

It is important to pay attention to your scalp’s environment.
Never be afraid to use shampoo every day as needed since your scalp and hair will get constantly exposed to pollution and dirt.
Your hair is mainly composed of protein.

Use your shower filter.
It is especially important in areas where minerals present in hard water can upset the balance in the scalp and hair.

Don’t forget your vitamins.
You need to eat enough iron as this is important for healthy hair growth as well as vitamin C to ensure that it is properly absorbed.

Trim your locks on a regular basis.
This might not make your hair grow faster yet this can make the ends stronger.

Shedding about 100 hairs per day is normal.
However, once it goes beyond this, make sure to consult a trichology Singapore specialist to solve your hair loss problems.