Just like the widespread of online food delivery services for halal food hong kong and other cities, many of the activities these days have gone virtual. We have never imagined that we will live in a world that our work will continue despite doing it in the comfort of our own home, yet here we are, adjusting to the new normal. Because of the pandemic, we have been forced to adjust and live in such a way that virtual activities are very essential. Classes, office works and even leisure activities such as shopping are now transformed into something that will fit in our screens.

In a corporate set up, team buildings are important to build a good working relationship between all the employees. But we all know that gathering is now limited so companies have been creative in thinking about the ways they could do their team building even when it is virtual only. Here are some great ideas as an activity for virtual team building.

Virtual games
There are many online games nowadays that you can choose from if you are the one facilitating the team building. There are plenty of websites or you can create your own game to have all the employees participate in the team building. One example of these games is online bingo. Bingo is a well-loved game by everyone. What is good about this is that you can have a variation with the cards and have more than just a normal bingo.

You can be creative with your online games that you prepare for your colleagues. As long as it wouldn’t need so much effort from them (unless they are very competitive of course). If you are a facilitator, you just need to make sure that everyone in the team is participating or at least most of your participants are enjoying the game.

Virtual Happy Hour
Who doesn’t love a happy hour? Get your favorite drink and turn on your Zoom or Teams and have a virtual drink with your friends. It may not be as fun as drinking together physically, but at least you could still share stories over bottles of drinks.
It is always good to have a little drinks in the conversation because it somehow takes away all the inhibitions. What is good about doing it virtually is you can drink as much as you want and you don’t have to worry how are you going to get home, because you are already at home.

Virtual Room Escape
This game is apparently gaining popularity. Because it is a good team activity that can exercise your brains as well. There are many websites there that offers virtual escape room.

Virtual Movie Nights
If you want a quitter and more chill team building. Then you might want to go for a movie night. Movie streaming platforms these days are now offering a function where you can watch it together with friends and you can also chat with them there.

As much as it is very limiting to do team buildings virtually, we have to adapt to all the changes brought to us by the pandemic. Yes it is still different when you are facing you colleagues but since we cannot do it for now, it is good that we are able to create some virtual activities to still boost the team spirit.