Continuous ink printers, also known as CIPS or tank printers, are an excellent option for printing documents fast without having to change ink cartridges. These printers have a large cartridge that is filled with dye-based ink and they can print up to 12,000 pages before needing to be replaced. Once the printer runs out of ink, you can simply refill the cartridge.

The Benefits of Continuous Ink Printers
The main benefit of a continuous ink printer is that it produces high quality prints and allows you to print quickly without having to stop and reload paper or replace cartridges. The other benefit is that it is environmentally friendly because you only need one cartridge and not several individual ones like most other types of printers. Continuous ink systems also use less plastic in manufacturing,

The Drawbacks of Continuous Ink Printers
The main drawback to CIPS is the initial cost. Unlike inkjet printers that use individual cartridges, CIPS requires the purchase of a new printer with a built-in tank for each color. The cost of these printer/ink tanks can range from $400 to $800, depending on the model and manufacturer. This does not include printheads or maintenance costs like when you need to replace the tank after using up all its ink. Another issue with CIPS is that it uses up more space because you must have room for all five colors, namely black, cyan, magenta, yellow and photo black.

Continuous Ink Printer vs Other Types of Printers
It is a good idea to buy a continuous ink printer for your business. Continuous ink printers are more affordable, efficient, and eco-friendly. The inks used in continuous ink printers are water based and do not contain any harmful chemicals that can damage our environment or our health- unlike those used in other types of printing technology.

Although specialty paper is required for continuous ink printing technology, it lasts much longer than regular photo paper and foil coverings used for other types of printing technologies. On top of that, other types of printers need to be refilled with cartridges or toners regularly, which can be costly. Continuous ink printers do not have this problem because they constantly feed the print heads with the necessary ink.

How to Find the Best Inks and Supplies for Your Continuous Ink Printer
To find the best inks and supplies for your CIPS, you need to first identify what type of prints you want to produce. Do you want glossy or matte finished prints? Do you need a range of colors? Are you looking for a cost-effective option?
Next, it’s time to find the right ink that will work with your printer. In addition, make sure that the ink is appropriate for the type of print that you’re trying to achieve (glossy or matte). Finally, determine how often you plan on printing and what size paper roll is needed.

There are a variety of resources available online that offer advice about what inks and supplies work best for your continuous ink printer. These sites usually offer reviews and information about third-party vendors, which can help make purchasing decisions easier for first-time buyers.